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Smart Pro Carbon Jargon Busting

At Smart Pro, we're positively disrupting the status quo of construction procurement. We do things differently, to achieve something different - and better - for people, profit and our planet. So, with so much jargon used in the AEC industry, we'll explain what some key terms really mean - it's really not rocket science!

What's embodied carbon?

Embodied carbon is the carbon dioxide (CO2) or greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with the manufacture and use of a product of service.

For construction products, this means the CO2 or GHG emission associated with extraction, manufacturing, transporting, installing, maintaining and disposing of construction materials and products.

What's Public Procurement Note 06/21?

Public Procurement Note (PPN) 06/21 follows the UK's commitment in 2019 to become the first major economy to commit legally to net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

PPN 06/21 is significant because it required government departments and their offshoot agencies to procure larger contracts only from firms that record and report so-called Scope 3 emissions.

What are Scope 3 Emissions?

These are the emissions generated by the supply chain - the goods and services brought in from the outside.

Scope 3 emissions are wide-ranging. They can include the emissions generated to manufacture, transport and dispose of tools and materials, from a hammer and nails to structural concrete and steel, and everything in between. Even the emissions from subcontractors' vehicles, from vans to excavators, must now be accounted for by those who buy in such services.

What's an Environmental Product Declaration certificate?

Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) certificates are declarations that quantitatively evaluate and declare the environmental performance of a product or service, as described in ISO 14025, on the basis of the principles of ISO 14040 Life Cycle Assessment standards.

EPDs are "Type III" category eco-labels as defined by ISO 14025. EPDs present the environmental impacts of a product from supply of raw materials to manufacturing and end of life stages, assessing parameters such as energy use, emissions and waste creation using various impact indicators.

...So what?

At Smart Pro we can help you get your head around all this confusion and bust the jargon with simple easy steps that put you back in control.

3 easy steps to start your carbon journey:

1. Measure

Understand your supply base and use our Key Trade Tool to categorise your supply risk to hear map carbon within your procurement schedule.

2. Form strategic partnerships

We know that 20% of your supply chain are responsible for 80% of the emissions. It's not difficult, and we will positively nudge your strategic relationship to include carbon reduction as a smart measurable objective/ target.

3. Educate & raise awareness

We can help you raise awareness and define strategic solution to reduce carbon and cost savings of circa 30% within your strategic partnerships.

At Smart Pro, we've made it our mission to improve construction procurement. We're working with the UK's leading contractors and suppliers to co-create partnering ecosystems using new digital procurement tools that deliver more sustainable outcomes throughout each value chain.

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