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Celebrating Milestones: The Youth Investment Fund’s Journey Towards Transformative Change as Smart Pro Turns Three!

In a world where the youth are increasingly recognised as the architects of the future, initiatives that invest in their growth and development are more crucial than ever. The Youth Investment Fund (YIF) stands out as a beacon of hope and progress, having recently announced a staggering allocation of over £90 million in grants, with an overarching commitment of over £300 million to create, expand, and improve youth facilities across England. This funding is set to provide life-changing opportunities for young people, a testament to the collective effort of organisations and individuals dedicated to empowering the younger generation – an initiative that aligns totally with our values at Smart Procurement, and one which we are proud to support. We are excited to be taking on this pivotal project as Smart Pro turns three!


Our CEO, Gareth Evans, took on a role at the heart of this endeavour, serving as the Commercial Lead within the Project Management Office (PMO). This position is pivotal, offering dedicated commercial expertise to navigate the complexities of the Youth Investment Fund Programme.


The Programme, while supported by in-house specialists, demands the nuanced understanding and strategic oversight that our CEO brings to the table. His contribution is not just advisory but instrumental in steering the programme towards its objectives with precision and foresight. The Youth Investment Fund, administered by PwC and delivered in partnership with Social Investment Business, the National Youth Agency, Key Fund, and Resonance, is uniquely structured. It comprises two grant streams focusing on the refurbishment of youth facilities and services, and capital grants for constructing youth centres. This dual approach ensures that the infrastructure of support for young people is both strengthened and expanded, catering to a broad spectrum of needs and aspirations.


Nick Temple, CEO for Social Investment Business, said:

“The Youth Investment Fund is transforming the youth service landscape right across the country, enabling youth centres of all shapes and sizes to enhance their services and reach more young people.”

The goals of the YIF are ambitious yet essential: improving the health and wellbeing of young people, equipping them with skills for work and life, empowering them to contribute actively to their communities, and levelling up provision in targeted areas of England. These objectives underscore the transformative potential of the fund, aiming not just for immediate impact but for lasting change in the social fabric of the nation. Gareth Evans, CEO, Smart Procurement Group commented:


“This opportunity has empowered Smart Procurement to harness our expertise in relationship management, transforming it into a cornerstone of an enterprise-wide delivery model. This strategic approach has been pivotal in enhancing the performance of the programme’s extensive portfolio, which encompasses over 220 projects. By fostering transparent and trustworthy relationships, we’ve established a foundational support system that effectively aligns all stakeholders, ensuring a cohesive effort towards achieving the desired outcomes of the programme. This synergy is crucial for the seamless delivery of each project within the programme’s scope.”


The collaborative efforts of all involved parties signal a promising horizon for England’s youth, one where their potential can be fully realised in supportive, vibrant communities.


At Smart Procurement, we’re passionate about supporting people and planet, providing the best possible outcomes for both through collaboration, technology and consultancy.


For more information on the Youth Investment Fund, visit their website, or to discuss how we could support your next large project, get in touch. 

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