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ESG Solutions

We leverage ESG solutions through better procurement. 


Getting your environmental, social and governance (ESG) proposition right, links to higher value creation. We help you to make sense of ESG in your context and help you create a strong ESG value proposition. 


Solutions cover:

  • Sustainable procurement advice

  • Strategic business development

  • Empowering governance

  • Embodied carbon solutions

  • SME Enterprise Academy


Other services


Contract Management Solutions

We co-create assured and integrated delivery models. We help connect our network of partners, clients and trade bodies to the most linear route to achieve our client's goals and exceed their expectations.  


People Solutions

We help you secure “the best athletes” to enhance your capability. We will help you navigate uncertainty and provide access to the best talent to build resilience throughout every level of your value chain. 


Technology Solutions

We simplify, standardise and automate your processes, typically removing 30% waste in process. We help you examine and reset your core foundations to take advantage of the best that digital technologies have to offer. 

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