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Sandra Coelho

Governance Lead


Sandra is a Civil Engineer specialized in geotechnics. She started as a site engineer and never lost the love to be hands-on.

As she moved to Management Systems, her previous experience allowed her to support the development, implementation and continuous improvement of Quality systems that are deeply rooted in the company´s best practise and culture, while ensuring that applicable requirements are understood and met.


From 2017 to mid-2021 Sandra was the Head of Business Systems and Audit for the Skanska Costain STRABAG Joint Venture (SCS). Her role required a good insight into HS2 contractual requirements and how they were broken down for internal and supply chain implementation. She supported the project team in the development of the management system covering all project disciplines, and she managed the internal audit programme to evaluate compliance with Client, parent company, legal and statutory requirements.


Sandra believes that a good management system is based on a deep understanding of how the company operates and what are the various layers of requirements; her ultimate goal is to achieve a system that is nearly invisible because it simply part of how the business works.

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