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Improving construction procurement through consultancy, technology & collaboration

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Our unique approach delivers:

  • 50% uplift in productivity

  • Lower embodied carbon in every order

  • Removal of 30% waste in processes

  • Network of over 5,000 global contacts

  • Honesty, openness & transparency

A new approach to procurement from Smart Pro Founder Gareth Evans

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I've been asked the same question for more than 20 years in procurement - "Why is procurement always late?"


In my pursuit of continuous improvement, and in seeing what 'good' looks like, I discovered the answer to this question. Working within teams to prioritise transparency, efficiency and trust, we created a partnering ecosystem. This ecosystem served a vision of improving supply chain management practices and putting in place new ways to integrate our partners for success.


Through measuring our performance, relying on data to pinpoint areas for improvement, we used facts, insight and data to challenge existing procurement practices, often saying what others wouldn’t dare to say.

Our mission is to improve construction procurement, by delivering procurement solutions that change the dialogue and deliver tomorrow’s sustainable procurement today.

Our clients

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